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Argentina & Chile


"ALCHEMY DMC Argentina & Chile are experts in providing those
all-important WOW moments that turn good trips into gold!

Imagine kayaking across a crystal clear lake in Patagonia, coming across a floating box and opening it to discover a bottle of champagne, local fresh berries and artisanal chocolates.

It's this incredible attention to detail that sets them apart."


Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection

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Argentina & Chile

ALCHEMY DMC is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago de Chile. Throughout the length and breadth of these diverse countries, they provide extraordinary travel experiences alongside extensions to Uruguay.


Curated experiences

ALCHEMY DMC is one of the leading DMCs in the country; driven to provide ‘perfection’ for its B2B clients. They showcase the most authentic and exclusive elements of this amazing destination, with a focus on traditional, adventure and high-end travel. They cater for FIT, Groups and MICE.


Since 2006

ALCHEMY DMC was established in 2006, with the aim of becoming the best incoming travel company in Argentina. The company is driven with passion, ambition and a resolute commitment to exceptional customer service. 

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Creativity, excellence & innovation

The inspiring, professional team of Alchemists knows every inch of Argentina. They aspire to ‘elevate the everyday’ and are experts in providing those all-important WOW moments that turn good trips into gold! Known for their innovation and creativity, they have a strong attention to detail, great response times and inspiring marketing content to share with their loyal B2B clients. 

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Sergio Pizzagalli 

Enigmatic founder and MD, Sergio, is a passionate fly-fisher, soccer devotee, foodie and natural-born explorer. He studied Hotel Management and Economics at Buenos Aires University before spending many years working in the travel industry in Europe. In 2006, he founded ALCHEMY DMC Argentina with his best friend Tomás. Sergio is a member of the Board of Directors of Destino Argentina, an association that promotes luxury travel in Argentina. 



To find out more

For more information please get in touch with The Adventure Connection or visit

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