Northwest Argentina

Northern Argentina

Alma Gaucho - life-changing expeditions

"I had the extraordinary luck of travelling with the owner of this company in 2017. Walter Metzke and his partner Analia took me into the wild and remote region known as the Puna in Northwest Argentina. Walter is multi-lingual and multi-knowledgeable!

His experience in guiding expeditions into this area (and into other regions of the world) provide any client with a potentially life-changing experience.


This region has yet to be properly discovered. If you have a pioneering nature and want to feel the true spirit of this other-worldly place, go soon." 


Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection  


Northwest Argentina 

 The incredible landscapes of ‘the Puna’ in Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca provinces. Discover the white dunes of Carachi Pampa, the indigenous community at Antofalla, the flamingos of Laguna Grande, the great salt flats of Hombre Muerto, the other-worldly landscapes of Tolar Grande... 


Ultimate wilderness

 This region lies 3000-4000m above sea level and is one of the driest deserts in the world. Despite this, it is rich in fauna, colourful lagoons, dramatic skies, huge salt-flats, pre-historic yet living eco-systems, ancient petroglyphs and unimaginably varied minerals. Travel is by specially equipped 4x4 all-terrain vehicles; accommodation a mix of hotels, camping, ‘glamping’; plus homestays, fincas and estancias for interaction with local people. 

To change your perspective

Alma means spirit. A gaucho is a noble, skilled, brave and generous local horseman. The company genuinely believes in having positive influences on its guests and to change the way they think about the world. It also does very good work in helping to preserve local communities and the environment .




Walter Metzke

 With over 20 years of exploring, 4x4 globe-trotting, adventuring and mountaineering experience, Walter leads professionally run expeditions to unknown and remote places of the Puna in South America, a land of ancient eco-systems over a billion years old. It's like travelling to the beginning of time! 

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