The Himalayas

AmaDablam Adventure Group

"I first worked with AmaDablam as a ground handler when I started running The Adventure Company back in 1996 and we had many years of success together. 


AmaDablam Adventures is one of the most successful operators in Nepal and has since expanded operations to Tibet, Bhutan and India.


It's owner, Ravi Chandra is hard-working and fanatical about customer service, working constantly with his team to make sure clients are looked after. They have worked with some of the most successful adventure companies around the world and operate regular fixed departures as well as tailor-making."

Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection


Plus Tibet, India & Bhutan

The AmaDablam Adventure Group operates throughout the Himalayas
and specialises in adventure travel.


Adventure and culture

The company has always been focussed on adventure activities and
has led the field since the 1980s. Trekking, cultural journeys, rafting,
wildlife, mountaineering, expeditions, mountain biking, tailor-mades... A
wide range of styles to suit different fitness levels and budgets. They also offer over 500 fixed departure dates and countless tailor-made itineraries.

Since 1979

The company started operations in 1979 and is one of Nepal’s leading
ground agents. 40 years experience of operating safe, comfortable,
responsibly operated and enjoyable trips which provide excellent value
for money. Over the years they have worked with a wide variety of
adventure tour operators (large and small) from all over the world



Value and service

Besides providing excellent levels of customer satisfaction, the company always goes the extra mile to give a little something back to employees, the community and the environment.


Ravi Chandra

Over the years Ravi has excelled in the development of Himalayan
tourism. He was the founding member of the eco-trekking workshop
educating Nepalese companies about conservation and using liquid fuel on treks to replace dwindling firewood.


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