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America Tours, Bolivia

"I am deeply impressed by the genuine passion for conservation and responsible tourism which has been practiced by this company's owners long before it became fashionable and even before the term eco-tourism was created.


Their story of support for a lodge owned by the indigenous community in Madidi National Park is a shining beacon for tourism around the world. 


Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection  

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Based in La Paz, America Tours offers all the highlights of Bolivia and has a focus on its incredible national parks. They have a sister company, ECOAMERICAPERU, in Cusco. They also helped create an eco-lodge which is 100 per cent owned by an indigenous community in Madidi National Park.



Nature & adventure

Beyond the Andes, colonial cities, salt flats and Amazon lie remote national parks such as Madidi, Sajama, Noel Kempff and Kaa Iya, with rainforests, indigenous communities, wildlife, geysers, snow-capped mountains and savannahs. A paradise for photographers and naturalists. 



Since 1994 

Established as a nature and cultural touring company over 20 years ago America Tours is still the leading ecotourism company in Bolivia. They deliver excellent travel experiences and have a strong focus on environmental responsibility and avoiding any negative impact on natural and cultural resources. 



Eco-tourism pioneers

No other travel company in Bolivia can match their experience and commitment to responsible tourism. They ensure that local people benefit from visitor income and enthusiastic guides have vast knowledge of national parks and local culture. 



Jasmin Caballero

Jasmin and husband David are leading conservation figures and international experts in eco-tourism. Jasmin has been involved in destination development and tourism regulation across Bolivia’s protected areas and has undertaken many conservation projects and to support ornithological research  



To find out more

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