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Ecuador & Galapagos

Andean Travel Company

"I had the chance to go on an ATC cruise of the Galapagos Islands and it was such an incredible experience. The local guides were very informative, their own boat fleet was impressive and the excursions and activities were outstanding.  

Bryan and his team are located in Quito and the ambiance is just so open and friendly. Happy employees make for even happier customers!"

Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection


Ecuador & Galapagos

Flexible routes throughout all of the Galapagos Islands plus tailor-
made journeys, cultural tours and adventures all over mainland Ecuador including the Amazon, Cotopaxi, the Valley of the Volcanoes, Baños, Cuenca... Cities, mountains, villages, volcanoes, rainforests...

ATC deck 2.jpg


DMC with own fleet

ATC provide high quality experiences to the Galapagos Islands and

mainland Ecuador. Their well-managed fleet of motor-yachts and

catamarans cater for mid-range through to luxury. Daily activities
include hiking, snorkelling, sailing, shore excursions by rib/zodiac, SUP, sea-kayaking...


Quality & efficiency

The owners of ATC have a passion for nature and travel and this is
matched with a focused drive for excellent customer service, efficient
systems and a happy team to deliver the best for their clients.


Father & son

Father and son, Bram and Bryan van Leeuwen and their professional
team have been in place for over 15 years. They are extremely efficient and tech-savvy and bring a mix of excellence, efficiency and an open, inclusive workplace culture. They are genuinely passionate about providing their guests with the best possible experiences.


To find out more

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