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B Japan Tours

"B Japan (previously Beauty of Japan) is very different from most of the DMCs we've encountered before in Japan. They are flexible in their approach and listen closely to the needs of UK, European and North American tour operators. 


They are highly competent, well organised and have a high level of PLI. As well as offering the classic places you'll have heard about, they specialise in getting off the beaten track and offering local interactions.


Japan is very much in demand at the moment and we highly recommend getting to know Pankaj and his team."

                                                                   Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection

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With headquarters in Tokyo, B Japan Tours deliver a wide range of exciting itineraries across Japan.


Unique experiences

B Japan Tours showcase off the beaten track experiences to highlight the ‘hidden beauty’ of Japan. Alongside classic cultural and family itineraries, they offer adventure activities, e.g. hiking and cycling, nature tours and a variety of immersive interactions with local people that benefit rural communities.


Dynamic and flexible

There is a tendency for large Japanese DMCs to be quite fixed in terms of what they offer. B Japan Tours has a different mindset and believes that transparent communication is key to building long lasting partnerships. They have a passionate, multi-cultural team, injecting expertise from product creation to operational excellence. They are also leaders in sustainable business practice in Japan.


Since 2016

B Japan Tours was created with the sole purpose of developing a new approach to the tourism industry in Japan. They are now recognised as a leading DMC in the region, regularly winning annual Global Travel awards. Their respected reputation unlocks crucial allocations, an essential for building successful relationships with local suppliers.

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Pankaj Pradhan

Pankaj, the enigmatic founder and CEO, has more than two decades of tourism experience at executive management level. Nepalese in origin, but residing in Japan, he was shocked 10 years ago at the challenges faced by international partners when looking for a local supplier. He created B Japan Tours to address the issues of a lack of flexibility, failure to understand the European market and mundane product offerings.



To find out more

For more information please contact The Adventure Connection or visit

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