Diary from our Rwanda fam trip

Tuesday 20 November ​Met the group at Gatwick, all bound for Rwanda. Well earned drink for me (The Adventure Connection) and the rest of the UK tour operators (Naturetrek, Far & Wild, KE Adventure and Rainbow Tours). Wednesday 21 November Just arrived in Rwanda. Kigali is spectacular from the air - you can see why it's called 'The Land of a Thousand Hills'. On the ground is a very clean, organised modern African capital. The weather is beautiful - not too hot, not too cold. Steve from Kingfisher Journeys was very excited to see us. We're very excited to be here. Alison is going hiking with Steve in the NE. We're heading to Akagera NP where we're hoping to spot big game on safari! Every month

Top five reasons to visit the Azores, Portugal

Nine volcanic islands sitting remotely in the Atlantic Ocean, enriched with vibrant blue and green colours, home to dolphins and whales, and filled with adventure possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. What other reasons could you possibly need to not immediately start packing your suitcase and jet off to this archipelago of paradise? Just in case we haven't already tempted you enough, here are our top five reasons why the Azores should be next on your travel bucket list and what you can expect during your visit. No.1 The Wildlife The Azores are home to about one third of all cetaceans on the planet so during your visit you are pretty much guaranteed to see a selection of these amazing cr

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