February 28, 2019

We've published this video to help you to plan for the enormity of ITB in Berlin, the largest trade event I have ever been to...

I've been to countless trade exhibitions over the years but this one is soooooo huge, that is warrants special attention and advice which you really would not expect.

Take walking boots and a rucksack? Really????!!!!

And the answer is yes, or certainly shoes that are comfortable enough to walk miles in. Because you will walk for miles. It can take well over half an hour to get from one end of ITB to the other (to put it in perspective, it's a 40 minute jog around the entire perimeter). 

So the video here contains my top three tips for this travel fair but there's one other piece of advice I would like to add - which is particularly important for us as a marketing and rep...

December 5, 2018

The Adventure Connection team have been very busy planning, coordinating, running and following up on Familiarisation Trips. Over the last few months successful Fam Trips have taken place in Sri Lanka, the Azores Islands and Rwanda, and there are several more due to operate in 2019 in destinations as diverse as Lebanon, Nicaragua, Uganda, Madagascar, Peru, Ecuador, Nepal, Ethiopia...

But we keep hearing from tour operators that other Fam Trips they’ve travelled on have been poorly planned and communicated, badly organised and often with irrelevant trip elements included.

So please take note all Tourist Boards, DMCs and Representation companies! A bad Fam Trip can really damage your destination.

We are proud of the 100% feedback rating (five out of five on every trip we’ve organised) so we are shar...

October 31, 2018

Having experienced many years (this will be my 32nd WTM!) of trade shows myself, I can understand the stress and pressure which comes when getting yourself ready for an event. Exhibitions are an exciting and important part of life in the travel industry, but without organisation and preparation and, most importantly, follow up, they can be stressful and even a waste of time.

So here are my top tips for having a successful event - before, during and after. 

1 – Plan, Plan, Plan...

Preparation is key. So if you're committing time and money, plan ahead and visualise your desired outcomes.

Ask yourself the following questions: 

What are my objectives for the exhibition?

What would I most like to achieve from the exhibition?

What actions and activities will make sure I achieve th...

September 12, 2018

Despite recent events and some negative publicity which may be creating concern for travellers and travel agents, Kerala is still safe, and people are still incredible friendly, warm and welcoming. Now, more than ever, the Keralites need your support. 

Help Kerala get back on its feet.

Southern India is already on the top of many travellers’ bucket lists, so now is a good time to push it higher up the list and help your clients to start planning a trip. It entices visitors with its relaxed way of life, mouth-watering food, fascinating history, endless flora and fauna and stunning natural landscapes - from the picture-perfect coastlines to the tea plantations in the highlands. Named as one of the ten paradises of the world by the National Geographic, it is mostly famous for its eco-tourism and pictur...

September 7, 2018

After many weeks of discussion, I'm very pleased to announce that Pru Goudie will be joining The Adventure Connection this month, bringing with her more than 25 years' experience of working in adventure travel at senior management level. 

Pru is a former council member of AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators) and has been the main organiser of the supplier/buyer marketplace at the Adventure Travel Conference since it was introduced two years ago. 

What will she do for The Adventure Connection?

She will work alongside Emily to strengthen our representation function as well as taking on overall management of events (now becoming a major part of our marketing effort for introductions to tour operators and agents). Her title will be 'Representation and Events Manager'. 

Pru knows the industry fr...

January 23, 2017

Well, apart from the absolute delight of interviewing Kate Humble at the Adventure Travel Conference 2017, Robin Waldman and I gave a talk to business leaders across the UK adventure industry on trends, tips and tricks in the world of travel video. 

As promised, we said we'd share out thoughts on social media after the event. We will also be publishing the official video of the conference later this year.

Factoid - return of the Silent Movie!

Our factoid of the day at the conference - commented on by many afterwards - was that although Facebook is hosting more than 8 billion video views per day, a massive 85% of them are being watched in silence!

So you need to edit your videos to make sure they have graphics and text in them so that all viewers (looking at them while on a train, i...

December 10, 2016

2016 was a pretty tough year. Before we had Brexit, we had the run up to the referendum and the uncertainty that brought. We had the continuation of IS atrocities and the effect on confidence both generally and specifically to destinations like Morocco, Jordan and Turkey. And we had plenty of other stuff going on too. 

Then the shock of the referendum result, the reality of the Brexit vote, the resignation of a Prime Minister, the devaluation of sterling against the Euro and the dollar, and the formation of a new cabinet to govern the country.  Plus even more uncertainty as the months went on about whether we will actually trigger Article 50 and leave the EU. My view from day one has been that there will have to be another general election before we actually leave (but that the country will vote...

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