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Self-Drive Brazil Fam Trip.

16 to 24 May 2023

Wildlife & Wonders of Brazil

 Tuesday 16 May to

Wednesday 24 May 2023.

Cost of the trip: Free of charge land arrangements for genuine product decision-makers. Domestic flights included.
Not inclusive of international flights.



  • First-hand experience of a Self-Drive Brazil itinerary

  • Mingle with the locals in Rio’s buzzing botegos

  • Enjoy panoramic views from the peak of Sugarloaf mountain

  • Discover the fascinating colonial history of Paraty 

  • Snorkel the crystal clear waters of the Rio da Prata

  • Be wowed by the impressive scale and biodiversity of the Pantanal 

  • Keep your eyes peeled for the illusive jaguar

  • Stay in style and luxury at Caiman Lodge


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