Albatros Expeditions

"Every now and again we come across an extraordinary destination offering something that is genuinely unique. Greenland is such a place. 


This DMC is a family-owned company with exceptionally high standards of customer care and quality. They operate using a mix of land-based activities as well as excursions ashore from their own expedition cruise vessels".

Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection






Albatros owns two tour centres in Kangerlussuaq and in Ilulissat. They also have three kayak centres, their own day cruise boats and hotels and restaurants. Their expedition ships cover 75% of the Greenland coastline including the more remote East Coast which is really only accessible by sea.

Land and sea expeditions

They are the only polar expedition company offering both ship and land based expeditions in Greenland. These combine active adventures (hiking, kayaking, sailing) with nature/wildlife and unique, authentic cultural experiences.

Since 90s

Albatros have been running expedition cruises in Greenland for over 25 years. Their first land-based tour centre was established more than 20 years ago. They employ over 50 people locally and are the largest in-bound operator in Greenland.

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Experience & range of options

This is a company built on a foundation of exploration, with extensive experience and contacts in the destination. Creative and comprehensive itineraries cover both east and west coasts and suit all budgets. 2200 excursion options offer unbeatable experiences and include remote areas that are not visited by anyone else.


Hans Lagerweij

The enigmatic president of Albatros International has managed various global adventure travel brands over the years, including Quark Expeditions, Victory Cruise Lines and TUI’s adventure travel brands. Currently residing in Copenhagen, Hans is also a trustee of the Safer Tourism Foundation.

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