Go Make a Difference in Tanzania

"Originally set up as a Christian charity, GoMAD (Go Make a Difference in Tanzania) is now a secular NGO that works with volunteers from all walks of life to provide practical help for local communities. 


GoMAD helps those in need to help themselves through practical, sustainable and necessary projects which make a difference.


The building of a water tank or a goat shed in a small village can have a massive impact on lives there. GoMAD have built latrine facilities and even clinics which save lives." 

Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection



Go MAD’s work is largely done in the villages of the Mara region between Lake Victoria and the Serengeti. Their main base is in Musoma where they have a workshop and purpose-built accommodation sleeping 35 people. Plus projects in Southern
Tanzania in the coastal town Mtwara.


Volunteer experience

‘Go MAD’ is a charity offering people the opportunity to become
an active part of community projects and make a difference to people’s
lives. They offer a wide variety of projects: from building, providing
medical help, teaching, helping run farming and business initiatives to
showing love and care to children.

Started 2008

After travelling to Tanzania for over 20 years, the McClures created ‘Go Make A Difference’ in 2008.



'Practical' help

It all started in 1994 when Graham McClure was commissioned to
help design and build a cathedral in Musoma. When visiting local
villages, he saw the need for clean water and felt driven to help the
people of the Mara.


The McClures & Claire

Graham is a builder by trade and wants to continue to make a difference to the lives of people living in extreme poverty. Irene is a nurse and has a real passion for healthcare. Claire leads teams in Tanzania and deals with all the admin behind the scenes in both
Tanzania and the UK.


To find out more

For information please contact graham@gomad.org.uk or
claire@gomad.org.uk. Or visit www.gomakeadifference.co.uk

For product information please email: