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The outlook for travel in 2017

2016 was a pretty tough year. Before we had Brexit, we had the run up to the referendum and the uncertainty that brought. We had the continuation of IS atrocities and the effect on confidence both generally and specifically to destinations like Morocco, Jordan and Turkey. And we had plenty of other stuff going on too.

Then the shock of the referendum result, the reality of the Brexit vote, the resignation of a Prime Minister, the devaluation of sterling against the Euro and the dollar, and the formation of a new cabinet to govern the country. Plus even more uncertainty as the months went on about whether we will actually trigger Article 50 and leave the EU. My view from day one has been that there will have to be another general election before we actually leave (but that the country will vote for a party that sets out its stall to re-engineer a Europe without the bad parts).

Oh and then we had a US general election and the prospect of a president who much of the world believes is a buffoon. Let's see what happens here too...

So for travel, what does it all mean? Well interestingly, the fears about the shocks to the economy relating to the referendum vote have not translated into numbers for the moment at least.

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