Your product has to be right for the market you're reaching. The right price, the right itinerary, the right tone of voice.

Mark Wright, Founder


You might already have a great product but if it's not exactly tuned to the market you're aiming it at it probably won't sell. We have many years of experience of develop products and have succeeded and failed at bringing great products to market. We don't have all of the answers, but thirty years is a long time learning and we've worked hard to get it right and had over £1m revenue in a single destination in the past. 

We can usually spot quite quickly what's wrong or needs to be tweaked. Sometimes it might take longer and require an intensive review of competitors. Whatever the challenge, we'll work to develop a solution and then help to match relevant, differentiated products with suitable operators, retailers and partners.

Our Product Planning services include:
Current product review    I    Product strategy    I    Competitor Analysis    I    Pricing review

Itinerary review    I    Marketing materials review    I    Market Research    I    Itinerary development    Brochure and website copywriting    I    Detailed facts sheets/dossiers    I    Sales staff training    

Press releases to highlight differentiators    I    Operator match

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