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We'll take you straight to the heart of your target market



"We'll be your advocates, ambassadors and marketeers"

The world has changed – it definitely seems to have become smaller over the last twenty years since the internet arrived. And that has brought with it many positives (plus a few negatives). More and more overseas providers are offering services online and many hotel and lodge owners are benefiting from direct bookings. But they often lack the regulatory bonding credentials or the knowledge of the market-place here. 


Tourist offices too (both national and regional) now spend their budget more wisely to avoid London office and salary costs, preferring instead to appoint a knowledgable intermediary to act as their office and develop relevant marketing plans for them.


The marketing services we offer are based on thirty years of experience of reaching clients in the UK, encompassing everything from marketing plans and budgets to product planning, website development, video production, copy writing, search engine optimisation, event and exhibition management and of course, finding you the right partners to work with in the UK (see Marketing Services).


We also make recommendations for corporate governance, process improvement, crisis planning and management and a whole host of other services which will help to improve your business – whether to increase clients, sales or profit and to prepare your business for sale to provide you with a profitable exit.

Representation services include:
Tour operator sourcing    I    Agent sourcing    I    Events   I   Marketing services        
Exhibition co-ordination & representation   I    Selecting and sourcing partnerships & affiliates  
PR (may be priced separately depending on extent)

It can be costly and difficult to run an office in the UK from overseas. And then you have to build the network of contacts that get your destination in front of tour operator product managers or travel agents; man exhibition stands, deal with contractors, negotiate rates.

The Adventure Connection is here to help. We can represent you to UK operators and travel agents, online travel companies, sales visits, staff training... 

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