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Secret Paradise

"A great DMC in a destination with a reputation for package tourism. Secret Paradise does exactly what it says on the tin; they provide a genuine glimpse of the 'other side' of the Maldives away from the fabricated resorts the islands are best known for. 

Ruth really cares about giving back and following sustainable travel practices in this incredible archipelago and has built a passionate team of local Maldivian staff. Yes, your clients will be wowed by the beauty of the islands, but they will also have the opportunity to get to know the local people and experience secret places you wouldn't even know were there!"

Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection

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Based in Greater Male, capital of the Maldives, Secret Paradise offers scheduled guided, private guided, self-guided and custom designed tours as well as locally owned accommodation for groups and FITs throughout the archipelago.


Beyond the resorts

Secret Paradise provides a unique insight into the
lesser-known inhabited local islands. Their Maldivian guides allow visitors to engage with locals and participate in authentic experiences providing access to the real Maldives - an aspect that very few people see. They offer a variety of activities and use local guides, transport and accommodation.


Since 2012

Secret Paradise was established 10 years ago with a vision to design unforgettable experiences that showcase the ‘real’ Maldives. An experienced, professional local guiding team and an unfailing commitment to responsible tourism are backed up with exceptional levels of service, communication, training and innovation. 

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Responsible travel

Secret Paradise are the only Maldives-based DMC specialising in sustainable travel throughout the islands. Every trip has a direct, positive impact on local communities and helps to protect their
fragile environment 

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Ruth and a Maldivian team

British-born Ruth Franklin discovered the Maldives on a diving trip over 20 years ago. She instantly fell in love with the country and became a long term resident. Passionate about protecting the environment and giving back to communities, she partnered with a local businessman and formed a purely Maldivian team to establish Secret Paradise. Her passion is showing visitors the country through the eyes of a local, rather than from the confines of an all-inclusive resort.

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To find out more

For more information please get in touch with The Adventure Connection or visit

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