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Redroad Tours, Uganda

"A modern, vibrant and efficient company driven by great people. Prince and his team are passionate about delivering genuine, immersive experiences in Uganda and its neighbouring countries.


What I love is their affirmation that TIA (This is Africa) should NEVER be used as an excuse for poor service. Redroad Tours are committed to providing the highest standards in service and delivery."

Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection

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Based in Kampala. Redroad Tours offer safari and cultural experiences throughout Uganda and also in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.


Exceptional safaris

Redroad are destination specialists, who pride themselves on their experience, product innovation, expert guides, attention to detail, quality vehicles and excellent client service. They offer exceptional safaris for FIT and groups, with off-the-beaten path adventure activities, cultural immersion and volunteering opportunities.


Since 2010

Redroad Tours was established with the aim of being an alternative for travellers seeking a more diverse safari experience that incorporates people and adventure as well as incredible wildlife.


Unique Cultural immersions

Redroad Tours are passionate about human development. They believe travel and tourism are great tools for enhancing the lives of both travellers and hosts. Their unique cultural immersions are born out of many years of working hand in hand with local communities. As a result Redroad travellers feel a genuine and intimate bond with our destinations.

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Prince Sabena

Prince has spent the last 14 years working in travel that “gives back” by helping local communities. He very much takes exception to the ‘This is Africa’ mantra often used to excuse a lack of professionalism, organization and excellence in the African safari industry and has raised a passionate and creative team that can be relied upon to provide a travel experience that matches anywhere else in the world.



To find out more

For more information about Redroad Tours, please contact, or visit

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