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The Azores

Azores Adventures Futurismo

"A forward looking, conservation minded DMC that is riding the success wave of success in the Azores right now. 


Tourism has really taken off here in the last three or four years due to a mixture of world events, value for money and the mix of activities available. 


Futurismo has a strong whale-watching background and has helped to convince locals to move away from hunting and whale-watching." 


Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection  


Azores, Portugal

Futurismo Azores Adventures are based on the island of Sao Miguel and have five other activity centres spread across the archipelago. 


Multi-activity, nature & wildlife 

High quality, sustainable and professionally-guided sea and land-based activities throughout the islands. Whale-watching, kayaking, dolphin swims, walking, birdwatching, paddle-boarding, cycling, canyoning, jeep safaris...


Nature's beauty

Futurismo provide activities for travellers who want to experience the Azores in a way that reflects the culture, wildlife and natural beauty of the archipelago. They ensure visitors get the opportunity to interact with local people to really understand life on the islands. 


Carlos Picanço & team

Carlos is a proud Azorean native, representing a company in which the passion for the islands, nature and outdoors has reunited people from different backgrounds under the vision of creating authentic experiences for travellers. They combine cultural immersion with environmental protection, education and a strong belief on sustainability.



Since 1990

With over 30 years of experience operating, Futurismo was one of the first companies responsible for the transition from whaling to whale watching. Today it is the biggest operator on the islands.

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