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"Colombia is one of my favourite countries in the entire world. Tourism has been picking up fast for good reason recently; it appears to have absolutely everything. Snow-clad mountains, dense rainforest, indigenous culture, a wonderful array of food, stunning Caribbean and Pacific coasts and islands, a fascinating history, prolific wildlife, birdlife and marine life... If it's not already in your portfolio, it definitively should be.

Phoenix Travel is a local DMC on a mission to set the highest standards for adventure travel in this stunning country.

Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection

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Phoenix Travel





Phoenix Travel Group is based in Bogota and can operate a wide range of adventures across this diverse and beautiful country.

Nature, History, Culture...

Phoenix Travel Group invests extensively in researching and developing unique cultural and special interest tours, ranging from luxury experiences, family-friendly trips to trekking adventures, and wildlife tours. Their mission is to design inspiring travel experiences for FITs and groups that immerse clients in the heart of the destination. 

Passionately positive impact

Phoenix Travel Group is fully committed to developing sustainable practices and providing direct community support. They go beyond tourism, with a percentage of all tours going to reforestation projects eg they have planted over 13,000 trees and deliver water to the Los Cocos community. They are dedicated to finding permanent sustainable solutions (not just providing one time aid) and are proudly (stopping child exploitation) certified. 

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Since 2011

The idea for Phoenix was born after the owner, who was living abroad at the time, was shocked by the negative images being perpetuated around the world about his homeland.  He made it his mission to change this negative view by enticing visitors to experience for themselves the striking natural beauty, rich culture and welcoming people of Colombia.



Jose Uscategui

Jose has always worked in tourism after graduating from University as an Industrial Engineer.  He created Phoenix Travel Group with a passion for wanting to showcase everything Colombia has to offer through responsible tourism practices and unique experiences that respect the natural and cultural environment.



To find out more

For information please contact The

Adventure Connection or visit:


Signature Experiences

  • Hike to ancient archaeological site Ciudad Perdida

  • Discover Buñuelos on a street-food tour through the markets of Medellin

  • Marvel the seven colours river in Caño Cristales

  • Stay on a coffee farm and learn about the process behind one of Colombia’s finest exports

  • Learn about the traditions and ancestral rituals of the Kogi indigenous community

  • Watch Humpback calves frolic in the Pacific during birthing season in Nuqui

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