Familiarisation Trips

Fam Trips for travel professionals

The only way for specialist tour operators and agents to really understand a destination is to experience it first-hand. But not on the kind of mega-fams that seem to be have been doing the rounds recently. 

With this in mind we have worked with a selection of professional and reliable adventure travel suppliers to create a carefully crafted choice of compelling Fam Trips throughout 2018. 

Open to interested senior buyers who are actively seeking to develop new product in these regions, we'll show you a mixed range of activities, a range of accommodation choices, spectacular experiences of the natural world and off-the-beaten-track adventures that are sure to spark the imagination of you and your clients. 

We're not your average representation company. We'll work with tour operators and local suppliers/DMCs to craft a Fam Trip to provide you with differentiated product and the right fit for your target niche. 

Here's a list of some of our forthcoming and recently operated Fam Trips. Click on a link to find all the information you need:

Upcoming Fam Trips - Get in Touch For More Details
Pakistan - 09 May 2022

Thailand - 20 May 2022
Montenegro - 14 June 2022

Recently Operated Fam Trips

Portugal - 03 May 2022

Azores - 23 April 2022

Egypt - April 2022

Greece - 30 March 2022

Croatia - 11 Oct 2021

Ecuador & Galapagos - 21 September 2019

Madagascar - 03 June 2019

Lebanon - 21 May 2019