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Caucasus Holidays

Based in Yerevan, Caucasus Holidays are the fastest growing DMC in Armenia. Ruben and Arsen are two very switched-on individuals backed by real depth and experience within their team. 


Armenia (and the little known gem of Nagorno Karabagh - a country that doesn't officially exist!) are new, up and coming destinations which I highly recommend featuring if you are looking for new, differentiated experiences for your clients."

Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection

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Based in Yerevan, they offer tours across the Caucasus region, including Nagorno Karabagh (the country that doesn’t exist!), Georgia and Azerbaijan.


Authentic & organic experiences

Caucasus Holidays offer group and tailor-made itineraries discovering the first civilised settlements, the world’s first wine production, early Christian architecture and areas of pristine nature. Encompassing culture, gastronomy, walking, nature, wildlife, activity and adventure.


Professional and responsible

Well-designed tours, an efficient reservations system and good local guides help visitors uncover this fascination region - the crossroads of civilisation. Caucasus Holidays are striving to lead the way in responsible tourism in Armenia.


Arsen and Ruben

Two friends who have worked in tourism since 2007 and are passionate about Armenia and the Caucasus region. They’ve gathered a knowledgeable and friendly team of people who share the same spirit and enthusiasm.


Since 2010

Over the last 10+ years, with professional and ambitious leadership, Caucasus Holidays has grown significantly to become one of the
leading inbound operators in the region.


To find out more

For more information please visit

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