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Costa Rica 

Swiss Travel 

"Swiss Travel are one of the longest established DMCs in Costa Rica and have an excellent reputation. They are capable, fast, responsive and well organised, with different teams and departments working on different specialist areas. Pura Vida!"

Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection

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Costa Rica

Based in San Jose and with regional offices in Guanacaste, Swiss Travel operates programmes in every corner of this amazing country. 


Versatile & organised 

Swiss Travel are purely B2B and cover a wide range of niches including FIT, groups, adventure, activity, nature, family, honeymoon, birding, yoga, eco-tourism... They are highly respected and well-established and work with operators (both large and small) all over the world. Their 
experienced team are organised into specialised teams to deal with niche market needs. They are reliable and responsive. 

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Since 1972

One of the longest established DMCs in Costa Rica, Swiss Travel was at the forefront of tourism evolution in the country. Their relationships with suppliers internally as well as ongoing commitment to product research and development keeps itineraries innovative and inspiring. 


Reliability & experience 

Swiss Travel consistently remains one of the leading DMCs in Costa Rica due to their motto of “With the Accent on Service”. This guides everyone in the company to put clients’ interests first which in turn 
ensures long lasting relationships with their trade partners.

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Rolando Campos 

Rolando joined Swiss Travel after graduation from Tourism School in 
1992. For the last 30 years he has been involved with product development, marketing, customer service and sales at the company. His vast experience dealing with trade contacts in the UK and US makes him a true expert, both on the country and in satisfying market needs.


To find out more

For information please contact The Adventure Connection or visit

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