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Betis Travel

"Family-owned Betis Travel has been operating since the 1970s and they have competence and good contacts all over mainland Greece and the islands.
They offer an appealing mix of the main attractions but will also provide itineraries that get under the skin of the country." 

Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection

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Based near the Acropolis, Betis Travel provides insightful tours throughout the Greek islands and mainland. Everywhere from Metsovo and Meteora; to Poros, Paros and the Pindos mountains...

FITs & Group tours

Betis run tours throughout all seasons of the year incorporating a wide range of classic and unique experiences including culture and history, nature, island hopping and beaches, hiking, bike tours, city breaks, self-drive, cooking classes, jeep adventures, wine tasting...

Since 1975

Betis travel started as a friendly, family run business in Thessaloniki nearly 50 years ago. Their ethos remains to always deliver a personal service, a can-do attitude and they work hard at forging long lasting
relationships with their trade partners.

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Beyond mass tourism

Betis Travel aims to take their visitors beyond mass tourism and to uncover the hidden delights of visiting this beautiful country. They offer journeys that get ‘under the skin’ of the destination, connecting
clients with local people so that they can truly experience Greek culture. In their words: “We are always here to remind that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination”.

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Soso Paliagka

Soso has worked in tourism for 15 years. Passionate about travelling and discovering small unspoiled Greek islands, she develops creative itineraries and is dedicated to providing the best possible service for her clients.

To find out more

For more information please contact The Adventure Connection or

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