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We connect amazing experiences with relevant markets

Guatemalan Market

Our wide range of marketing service include: video production, copywriting, web design, branding, content development, social media, digital marketing, PR, event management...


We work with over 500  tour operators - contacts built up over 30 years of industry experience. We also organise webinars, roadshows, trade show meetings, events,
Fam Trips...

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We have managed many travel companies and provide advice on all aspects of business strategy including market analysis, funding, niche marketing, crisis management, sustainability policy...


We know how to develop good product that sells and have the experience to manage product as well as to source good suppliers via a network of reliable partners. We also train suppliers to achieve excellence 


The Adventure Connection is a leading authority on adventure and specialist travel. 

We are a marketing consultancy and PR agency with extensive experience of building great travel brands. We specialise in delivering effective marketing solutions and lucrative business connections via our wide range of contacts and services that are tailored to your budget and specific business needs.  

“With 30 years of hands-on experience of owning, running and marketing successful travel companies, we can genuinely support you and your business, helping you to reach relevant markets to promote your services.”  

Mark Wright


The Adventure Connection



Caucasus Holidays, Armenia

This client wanted to create videos for training, promotion and social media to help bring their company to life. 

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Milestone Safaris, Tanzania DMC

A great DMC based in Moshi wanted to significantly improve their website with great images and comprehensive information.

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Big Safari Company, UK & USA

This was one of our favourite recent projects involving a comprehensive range of marketing activity.

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Ashanti African Tours, Ghana DMC

This company was already doing great work to support local community and conservation but didn't have a 'policy' as such...

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Andean Travel Company, Ecuador

Our brief here was to increase exposure and sales for a great DMC that was already established in the UK.

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Spice Holidays, UK tour operator

A singles network that wanted to offer a range of worldwide holidays and wanted a product team without the overheads!

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"Although we are VERY well known for travel trade representation, The Adventure Connection is not simply a representation company. Neither is it solely a PR agency or just a marketing consultancy.


We have owned, managed and worked in travel companies over a period of more than 30 years. This 'boots on the ground' experience means that we can provide a very wide range of relevant services - and we tailor these for the needs of each client.


There is no such thing as 'one-size-fits-all' in our company and our work ranges from advising national tourist boards on strategy and DMC training, to website development, copy writing, video production, product development and more - the list people gives some idea of the extent of our expertise."




We believe that travel can be operated responsibly and ethically to preserve and conserve nature, local resources and culture. To this end we support several causes and commit to donating 5% of profits to causes (mainly conservation and community projects). 

We have committed to reducing carbon emissions and single-use plastic and published our aims to be a voice for positive and sustainable change in the travel industry.  


"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to promote NKAR at WTM this year. You arranged so many important meetings for us and made sure the agents showed up. It was my pleasure to meet you and your lovely team in London. "

- Damian from Nkar Travel House, Sri Lanka