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"I worked with Green Arrow Tours as my DMC many years ago. They work with several international tour operators (both large and small) and are professional and competent."


Mark Wright, The Adventure Connection  




GAT Adventures is a sub-brand of Green Arrow Tours (GAT). Based in Amman it operates a wide range of trips across Jordan, as well as in Israel and Palestine


Classic & Adventure  

GAT Adventures specialises in both classic and adventure tours for FITs and groups. Focusing on unique experiences where
clients interact with local people, they also offer exceptional hiking, trekking, walking, cycling and canyoning itineraries. 


Since 1997

The company was first established over 24 years ago with a mission to offer exceptional experiences in Jordan. More recently ‘GAT Adventures’ was developed as a part of the company to specifically focus on adventure and specialist tours run by highly experienced tour leaders. 

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Local expertise 

With a wealth of local experience and years of satisfying the UK and US markets, GAT is one of the most respected and long standing DMCs in the region, placing customer service at the forefront of what they do. Environmental and social responsibility are also very important to the business, they design their trips to directly benefit the local community and support social enterprises. Each of their suppliers is issued with a Code of Conduct to influence them to work in a more sustainable way.

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Firas Dakkak

Firas completed his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in Jordan before obtaining a Masters in Marketing in the UK. He has built long standing relationships with his partners, backed by 20 years of experience running the company and leading a qualified and committed team


Find out more

For information please contact The Adventure Connection or visit 

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