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Discover Montenegro's pristine national parks

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Tear yourself away from Montenegro’s beautiful Adriatic coastline and you’ll discover a wild interior of unspoilt natural beauty protected in five diverse national parks. A paradise for nature lovers, these parks are home to majestic mountains, vast lakes and impressive biodiversity and provide plenty of opportunity for active adventures.

Durmitor National Park

This UNESCO listed national park in the north of the country boasts a dramatic landscape of snow-tipped mountain peaks, dense pine forests and crystal-clear glacial lakes. There are some excellent hiking and biking opportunities within the park and during the winter months, reliable snow fall attracts skiers and snowboarders. Durmitor is famously home to the Tara River Canyon; the second deepest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in Colorado. It is a magnet for thrill seekers. Rafting its white-waters is almost a rite of passage and there are a wide range of other activities on offer, from spectacular hikes, canyoning, rock climbing and zip lining.

Lake Skadar National Park

This tranquil national park is home to the vast Skadar Lake. At almost 400 square kilometres it is the largest lake in the Balkans and an important habitat for wetland birds. Nearly 300 species of bird have been spotted here including the endangered Dalmatian pelican and a notable population of pygmy cormorants. Take a scenic boat trip or hire a kayak along the peaceful waterways and discover the lake’s tiny islands, hidden coves and medieval monasteries.

Lovcen National Park

Lovcen National Park abounds in natural beauty and hiking and cycling trails criss-cross the unspoilt landscape. The park also protects a rich cultural heritage and is dotted with traditional villages that produce some of the finest smoked ham and cheese in the country! Lovcen is probably best known as the resting place of Petar II Petrovic-Njegoš, the iconic Montenegrin ruler. His sacred mausoleum sits on the peak of Mt. Lovcen and is well worth the 461 steps climb to visit, not only for its opulent gold mosaic-tiled roof, but also for the rewarding panoramic views to be enjoyed from the top.

Prokletije National Park

Prokletije National Park, on the border with Albania, is one of the least explored regions of Montenegro. The park protects the highest section of the Dinaric Alps - more famously known on the Albanian side as the Accursed Mountains. Within four km there are ten peaks over 2,000 metres, and this region offers the most challenging mountain climbs in the country. It’s perfect for those looking to get totally off grid and immerse themselves in a landscape of untamed natural wilderness. You’ll meet very few people hiking and are likely to be sharing the solitude with only the free roaming mountain goats!

Biogradska Gora National Park

Situated in the northeast of Montenegro, Biogradska Gora is the smallest of the country’s national parks. It protects six square miles of virgin forest: one of the few remaining primary forests in Europe. Hiking opportunities range from short, easy strolls to multi-day treks staying overnight in wooden huts that were traditionally used by the region’s semi-nomadic shepherds.

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