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Ghana, Togo, Benin, São Tomé & Principe

Ashanti African Tours

"Ashanti African Tours are your one-stop, experienced DMC partner in West Africa.

They are a company with a huge heart and soul and you can't fail to be moved by what they do. With an established reputation for exceptional quality tours and professional, expert guides, this is responsible travel at its finest."

Lucy Palmer, The Adventure Connection



Ghana, West Africa

Based in Cape Coast, Ghana, Ashanti offer professionally led and ethically run tours throughout Ghana, and also into neighbouring West African countries of Benin, Togo, São Tomé & Principe, Senegal, Liberia and Sierra Leone.


Unique cultural and nature adventures

Ashanti’s award-winning, authentic tours immerse visitors in West Africa's vibrant culture and natural highlights. Wildlife, walking, biking, birding, cultural, historical, educational and volunteering experiences can be woven into itineraries. Each trip is designed to benefit local communities and help preserve the environment.

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Taking ethical travel to a new level

Ashanti put the local communities and environment at the very heart of what they do. Responsibly operated trips are designed to have a sustainable positive impact. They create authentic, cultural connections that not only enhance the traveller experience, but also provide economic opportunity and contributes to social development in local communities. Among its many achievements, Ashanti has built two schools, giving 600 children access to education.





Since 2005

Ashanti has established a reputation as the leading local experts with a proven track record of ethical and responsible tourism.

Mark Williams

British born Mark always had a passion for Africa. He is now fulfilling his dream of showing local communities the benefits of protecting their environment through low impact, ethical tourism. Mark is married to a Ghanaian and has a full-time team of over 30 local professionals working with him.

To find out more

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