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Time to refresh your product portfolio and suppliers?

As the peak selling period comes to an end, it's time to come up for air, review sales stats and booking trends and look ahead. For many tour operators, April, May and June are the key months for planning new destinations, itineraries as well as reviewing costs and considering alternative suppliers.

If you're looking for inspiration for new destinations and products to enhance your offering please read on.

How we can help you:

  • We offer a free of charge supplier introduction service for outbound Tour Operators

  • We work with a wide range of hand-picked, professional DMCs throughout the world

  • We use our DMC Best Practice Toolkit to ensure our DMC clients are fully equipped to service the needs of the UK market

  • We have a worldwide network of exciting and professional travel contacts which we have built up over many years

  • If you can’t see what you're looking for, please contact us. It's highly likely that we will know a reliable DMC in the destination you're researching

Read on for our DMC partners at a glance...


Our DMCs in Europe offer a vast range of exciting activities, cultural encounters and natural wonders. All these come with the added benefit of being close to home.

Thrilling Islands

The Azores

Futurismo Azores Adventures have been pioneers in ethical tourism since 1990. They are leading the way with responsible whale and dolphin watching, alongside multi-activity trips across the Azores islands, showcasing nature, activities and cultural immersion.


DMC Madeira has been crafting tours in Madeira for over 15 years. They offer innovative programs, highlighting authentic island experiences such coastal journeys by boat, mountain hiking, coasteering, whale & dolphin watching, botanical tours and wine tasting.

The Undiscovered East


Caucasus Holidays create group and tailor-made trips with an emphasis on authentic experiences, revealing the rich history of the region. Featuring cultural tours, walking and trekking adventures, gastronomic delights, and pilgrimage tours, they are the perfect supplier for clients seeking uniqueness and diversity in Eastern Europe.


Family-owned Elite Travel Group provides a comprehensive range of services for groups in Albania, recently acclaimed as Europe's fastest-growing destination since the pandemic. From meeting local artisans preserving ancient crafts, to tasting excellent wines at a family-run vineyard, Elite showcase authentic Albania. They are renowned for their swift quotation turnover, efficiency and monitoring systems for safety and quality.


VisitGeorgia is a reputable DMC, offering both group tours and FITs and prioritising quality and sustainability. They offer unparalleled experiences, including exploration of Georgia's beautiful landscapes, rich history, mountain treks, unique discoveries of the remote Svaneti villages and tours to discover the home of wine, dating back 6,000 years.


Fez Travel has been a market leader in group adventure tours in Turkey since the 1990s and has since expanded its offering to offer FIT and mid to high-end product. They excel in operating diverse tours, from the Black Sea to Cappadocia, the Mediterranean coast with gulet cruises and Eastern Turkey. At the moment, Turkey offers outstanding value for money due to current exchange rates.

Gems of the Mediterranean


With nearly 50 years of operation, family-owned Betis Travel specialises in FIT and group travel. They craft itineraries that authentically showcase Greece by exploring lesser-known islands, fostering connections with local culture. With Betis, your clients will experience Greece 'through the eyes of a local'.


Recognised as one of Croatia's premier experiential DMCs, Outdoor Croatia began as specialists in kayaking and rafting in 2012. Since then, they have expanded to offer original cultural tours, multi-activity trips and guided tours, revealing authentic Croatia off the beaten track. Distinguished by their meticulous attention to safety and high level of care and service.  

Iberian Destinations Away from the Crowd


SpainTop offers tailored trips with diverse experiences across mainland Spain as well as ‘hidden gems’ in the Balearic and Canary islands. They describe themselves as a boutique DMC with itineraries that can encompass culture and history, adventure activities such as trekking and biking as well as nature, gastronomy and wine tasting tours.


Splendid Portugal, crafting tailor-made programs since 2013, provide immersive itineraries showcasing Portugal's landscapes and local traditions. They are dedicated to delivering authentic experiences that benefit local communities.


Our DMCs in Africa prioritise sustainability and conservation (in line with The Adventure Connection ethos).  Authentic community experiences enhance a wide range of wildlife safaris, made exceptional with expert local guides. 

Safari Experiences


From its humble beginnings, Bush Ways has evolved over the past 25 years into Botswana's foremost mobile safari operation and support centre. They are driven by a desire for operational excellence, delivered by a dedicated local team and knowledgeable guides who are committed to showcasing the country's hidden gems.


Liberty Africa Safaris, a family-run DMC, provides comprehensive, tailor-made safaris and tours across Kenya and neighbouring countries. They exclusively cater to B2B clients with mid to high-end options, offering wildlife and specialist safaris, visits to rewarding community projects and culinary activities, along with guaranteed departures and MICE services.


Primarily focused on Northern Tanzania, Milestone Safaris & Mountaineering operates from Moshi with strong connections across the Kili region and northern parks. They provide tailored group tours ranging from adventure to high end, including Kilimanjaro trekking routes and safaris in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro region.

South Africa

Highline Tours and Travel, a highly capable DMC with over 25 years of experience, excel in crafting innovative solutions for tour operators. They offer a wide range of trips throughout South Africa, including classic safaris, family holidays, community experiences and specialist tours like hiking, biking, camping and birding.

Off the Beaten Track Africa

Uganda & Rwanda

Hornbill Trek & Safaris specialises in crafting transformative journeys led by expert guides. Catering for both FIT and group travellers across Uganda and Rwanda, they provide unforgettable experiences while championing local communities and protecting the wildlife of the region.


Ashanti African Tours provides professionally led and ethically run tours throughout Ghana and neighbouring West African countries. Their award-winning tours immerse visitors in West Africa's vibrant culture and natural highlights, all while benefiting local communities and promoting environmental preservation.


Tamàna Company is a well-established and professionally run full-service DMC. Covering all regions of Madagascar, they offer tailor-made and small group tours that provide a genuine insight into this beautiful country. Tamàna specialise in three main areas including: Tamàna Classic offers tailor-made & small group itineraries; Tamàna Adventure offers hiking and activity tours and Tamàna Kitchen offers foodie, gastronomy and cooking experiences.


Anbessa Travel is a leading full service DMC in Ethiopia covering the Horn of Africa. Be it trekking, cultural highlights, luxury or wildlife, Anbessa creates unique experiences to showcase this amazing country.


Latin America encompasses a huge variety of countries each with their own incredible sights, delicious cuisine and diverse wildlife. Our DMC partners know their destinations inside out, showcasing pre-Colonial civilisations, cultural heritage, dramatic landscapes and geographical diversity.

The Roots of Central America


Maya Trails, rooted in Guatemalan tourism since the 1930s, epitomises authenticity and expertise. They are a purely B2B company that crafts tailor-made itineraries for FITs, groups, MICE, family and adventure - all delivered proudly with outstanding service and attention to detail.

Costa Rica

Swiss Travel is among the longest-established DMCs in Costa Rica. They serve as a B2B provider covering a wide array of niches including FITs, groups, nature, family and more. Highly respected, they collaborate with reputable tour operators worldwide, leveraging their experience to meet the needs of niche markets reliably. Their response times to enquiries is first class.


Operating predominantly across the east and south of Mexico, Solana Tours are experts in soft adventure tours. They operate a variety of FIT and group tours, providing bespoke packages for varying budgets and needs. Solana Tours showcase lesser known places away from tourist honeypots and provide great insights into this perennial favourite destination.


Established in 2010, Darah Travel has crafted exceptional trips for over 5,000 travellers from over 30 countries, catering to varying budgets and needs. They are one of the most trusted DMC partners in Belize, backed by a responsive and professional local team. There is much more to Belize than meets the eye, so if you don't offer it already, please ask us for an introduction and a free demo!

The Vast South


CTS Turismo skilfully operates diverse tours across Chile, from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia and Easter Island. They are distinguished by their exceptional local knowledge, advanced software systems and competitive pricing.


Andean Travel Company offers high quality experiences in the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador, boasting a well-managed fleet of motor-yachts and catamarans from mid-range to luxury. They cater to a wide variety of tour operators and have a specialist LGBTQ+ brand. They are driven by a commitment to excellent customer service and efficient operations. Plus they have a great booking system where operators can check live availability and cabin allocations for their fleet of motor-yachts.


Purely B2B, COLTUR tailors personalised, high-end trips for groups and FITs throughout Peru. At the core of their ethos is responsible travel and sustainability. They foster transformative experiences that facilitate genuine connections and positive impacts. Well established and well structured into departments for product niches, there is almost nothing that COLTUR can't do in Peru.


Phoenix Travel Group offers diverse adventures across Colombia, focusing on unique cultural and special interest tours. They strive to create meaningful experiences, while preserving the environment and benefiting local communities. Colombia is one of our favourite places in the world - if you don't offer it and want to know more, please contact Mark or Georgia at The Adventure Connection.


Ideia Tours runs unique trips across Brazil, spanning popular destinations like the Amazon and Iguaçu Falls, as well as lesser-known regions. They are distinguished by their ongoing commitment to training, IT investment and service reliability.


Our DMC partners cover all areas of this vast continent, showcasing off-the-beaten-track experiences and its unique cultures and traditions. From the nomadic steppes of Kyrgyzstan to the hectic streets of Hanoi, there is an option for any client.

Silk Road Adventures


The Wander offer both adventurous mountain treks as well as softer cultural experiences in Pakistan. They incorporate authentic elements of local culture, cuisine and history into daily activities, creating exceptional and memorable trips.


With over 30 years of experience, Orient Voyages stands out as one of the most knowledgeable and reliable DMCs in Central Asia. They offer purely B2B tours throughout Uzbekistan and are continuously enhancing existing tours with new experiences along the ancient Silk Road.


Orom Travel specialises in adventure travel tours across Tajikistan and are known for their innovation and creativity. Their proactive team leverages extensive destination knowledge to curate unique experiences, showcasing the country's culture, traditions and natural wonders. The Orom Travel team are very much in tune with the needs of western travellers.

Tropical Treasures

Indonesia & Malaysia

Happy Trails Asia offers sustainable soft adventure tours throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Borneo, catering to both FITs and groups. With advanced systems and an experienced team of local specialists, they ensure transparency, fast response times and exceptional customer service.


Footprint Travel designs incredible adventures across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. They have been leaders in responsible travel for over 20 years - they were the first company in Vietnam to be Travelife certified - and their ethos has always been to operate in a way that respects the culture, protects the environment and supports local communities. Footprint has an enviable reputation for professionalism and reliability.

Sri Lanka

Island Adventures, operating across Sri Lanka, boasts an expert team and professional guides committed to delivering top-notch service. With a strong focus on the natural world in Sri Lanka, they also offer unique cultural and special interest tours for both groups and FITs.


Australia Inbound crafts exceptional travel experiences across Australia. Their itineraries capture the essence of the country's diverse and stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, indigenous culture and wildlife, specially curated for FITs and groups. They are led by a multi-cultural team known for seamless logistics, quick response times and personalised service.

We are constantly in touch to a wide range of suppliers from all over the world and new clients are added to our portfolio all the time.  If you don't see what you're looking for here, please ask us for a recommendation. We may be able to introduce you to your perfect travel partner! 

To find out more about what we can do for you, please get in touch at:

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