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Events & exhibitions

Events can really help your business when approached professionally

"It's amazing how much work gets done in the bar!"

We've organised hundreds of events and exhibitions over the years and we strongly recommend holding events to support your presence at trade or consumer exhibitions; also to grab attention with the media as we have very good connections with senior journalists, editors and publishers. 


We can arrange this to be as formal or informal as you want it to be - private functions and parties are a great way to help you to network with existing or potential partners and to chat more openly in a relaxed environment. 

If organised well, with well-targeted and timely invitations, events can an excellent way of drawing attention to your product and company. Just having a few more hours to have your pop-up stand or company video on display, to have conversations with even more potential partners.


And they create a deadline for people to respond to, maintaining contact and giving a reason to meet up.

As well as networking in a very relaxed environment, they are great to promote you and your brand before and after on social media, in direct mail, through telephone contact and, most importantly, face-to-face contact.    


Contact us now if you would like our help with organising an event.  

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