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Marketing Services 

A case study - The Big Safari Company

The Big Safari Company needed marketing help to get ready for launch of a new brand.
We worked with them to devise an effective marketing plan that would deliver their objectives


1. Introduce The Big Safari Company brand to consumers in the UK, USA and beyond
2. Clearly explain the Big Safari Company’s key messages 
3. Showcase the product offering 

Strategy and approach

1. Strategy, objectives and marketing plan

We reviewed the business objectives and devised a marketing plan to achieve these

2. Priorities to maximise return on investment  

We prioritised solutions that would engage most with the target audience and deliver good ROI

3. Management of available budget 
‘The plan was delivered within the allocated budget and time frame. 

Additional opportunities for partnerships were identified as the project progressed and these were incorporated to boost success


The execution of this project can be broken down into three stages as follows:

Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 18.42.02.png

1. Website copy

We drafted inspirational and engaging copy for all areas of the new site, weaving in personal experience to resonate with the audience and incorporating essential keywords that maximise SEO effectiveness

The results


The video was very well received and is being used across a wide range of marketing platforms. Click below to play video.