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Digital marketing expansion as Paul Bondsfield joins the team

“I’ll be bringing a deep knowledge of the sector along with insight into how companies can use digital marketing to reach and connect with key markets."

The Adventure Connection is proud to welcome their new Digital Marketing Director, Paul Bondsfield, who will be in charge of developing the online marketing aspect of the consultancy, with his expertise in travel.

Having worked in travel marketing since the 1990s, with Explore then Flight Centre adventure brands and recently with Travel PR, Paul is an excellent marketeer with a great eye for detail. He'll help us when developing relationships with overseas clients, thanks to his insight into how companies can use digital marketing to their advantage. According to Paul, digital marketing should be seen as a series of channels rather than a discipline in itself, and should intrinsically link to more traditional forms of marketing. He believes that there is untapped potential for the adventure sector to take advantage of digital techniques.

Marketing is a large part of what we offer at The Adventure Connection, and the digital side of it is becoming more and more popular thanks to the connected world that we live in. We specialise in marketing travel, but also have international partners who can help reach other lucrative markets. The use of video for marketing purposes is also becoming more and more important these days, which we work with to help promote our clients' services in an affordable and effective way.

We aim to demonstrate that it is possible to use digital channels alongside traditional methods appropriately within budgets and to deliver excellent results. From search marketing, social media, e-marketing (ecrm), content strategy plus website and user-experience optimisation, the consultancy can bring an extra layer of expertise and resource to its clients’ businesses.

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