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Can technology really 'enable' adventure travel businesses to gain a competitive edge?

We’ve worked in travel for many, many years and have seen a lot of companies come and go over that time. And yes, we remember the days before the internet even existed. Difficult to imagine, but the eighties and most of the nineties had few of today’s technological tools to assist adventure travel companies.

The Adventure Connection is mainly a marketing consultancy and representation company and we can’t help but notice that technology and marketing have moved closer and closer together over the last ten years and are now interminably linked. We’ve seen companies really struggle with technology, seen others refuse to change and some adapt and embrace it - abandoning old methods and utilising technology to really streamline their business process.

These days, a travel company’s website is it’s main shop window, expressing its brand, its story, its team and its product. Leave the brand, story and team to the marketing experts, but the efficiency and effectiveness of building, managing, updating and distributing product can be massively improved (and very profitably) through clever, thoughtful use of technology.

Having worked in adventure travel for so long, we’ve come to know most of the providers of services to the trade. And one company which came on our radar years ago was Mr Zen, who are now leading the way in technology for adventure companies.

Mr Zen is a specialist travel technology company focused not just on building websites and clever tech solutions; it is intent on increasing productivity, reducing administration and increasing bookings.

Sound like something you might need?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your website actually reflect who you are?

  • Does it clearly tell your customers what you do?

  • Are your systems integrated effectively?

  • Are you spending too much time loading product?

  • Is it future proof?

Even though we’ve worked in this industry for a long time we’re continually amazed at companies who are suffering with failed projects that stall and go way over their original budget.

Like a good builder, finding the right tech provider that you can trust is the holy grail, so that’s why we think Mr Zen are definitely worth recommending. We’ve spoken to many of their clients and seen the results so we are very confident in drawing them to your attention.

Why? Because they only work in the adventure and specialist travel sector and they know exactly how to help to reduce admin, increase productivity and ultimately increase bookings. With over 10 years of travel industry expertise, they've probably already built what you are now trying to do.

Here are some examples of how they’ve helped other companies like yours:

Online booking system mess - resolved

“A leading adventure tour operator approached Mr Zen with their online booking system in a mess and with a complicated process for their users. Mr Zen developed a custom API for their in-house built reservation system and designed a new website, booking process and customer 'My Account Area'. This resulted in a dramatic reduction in admin across the team and has continued to increase the number of online bookings year on year.”

Failed web project - resolved

“A specialist tour operator approached Mr Zen to design and build a new website following a previous failed web project with another agency. They wanted a clean, mobile responsive website with a custom online booking system and 'My Account Area' where their customers could make and manage their bookings online. Mr Zen used their existing TravelZen technology to speed up development and created a custom booking experience resulting in a large increase in online and offline bookings resulting from web sources.”

Back office integration - resolved

“A well known travel brand approached Mr Zen with a requirement to redesign their website and create integrations with their bespoke back office system. Mr Zen worked closely with their internal team to produce a user friendly booking process which is extremely complex in the background. The website was launched just before their peak booking period and instantly had an impact on the number of enquiries and bookings being taken”

Poor search rankings - resolved

“A Specialist Sailing Holiday company approached us to develop their Search Engine marketing strategy which was mostly being done in-house. We took over their PPC, reducing expenditure by over 60% whilst increasing overall enquiries by just under 14%. Mr Zen reinvested the saving in SEO and display advertising, increasing the overall user acquisition by over 33%”

Book a free consultation

If any of this is sounding familiar, now would be a great time to give Matt Illston a call on 01252 821534 or visit to see examples and case studies of websites and tech solutions they have developed.

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