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Top Tips for ITB

We've published this video to help you to plan for the enormity of ITB in Berlin, the largest trade event I have ever been to...

I've been to countless trade exhibitions over the years but this one is soooooo huge, that is warrants special attention and advice which you really would not expect.

Take walking boots and a rucksack? Really????!!!!

And the answer is yes, or certainly shoes that are comfortable enough to walk miles in. Because you will walk for miles. It can take well over half an hour to get from one end of ITB to the other (to put it in perspective, it's a 40 minute jog around the entire perimeter).

So the video here contains my top three tips for this travel fair but there's one other piece of advice I would like to add - which is particularly important for us as a marketing and representation consultancy. And that is, make sure you follow up quickly, but very briefly, straight after the show.

We've written more on this in Blog posts about other conferences and travel exhibitions so please click here if you'd like to read more about how to get the best out of these shows.

Enjoy the show travel peeps.

Mark Wright


The Adventure Connection

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