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Good News Stories... from Israel

Microscopic philanthropy?

Omar Atallah, owner and MD of JT Tours, a well-established DMC based in Israel, wrote to us this week with a fascinating insight into life in Jerusalem since the lockdown... "Looking at the positive end of the spectrum - wait wait - is there such a thing? Yes there is. And it is quite bright and could lead to even more positive consequences in the future. Our company is located in one of the biggest political hotspots in the world. Israelis and Palestinians living to hate each other. Some of us were always looking for that “thing” to bring both sides together. We looked far and wide and .... nothing.

The one thing that we should have used I guess was a microscope. For what we were all looking for apparently was a wake up call. Something to prove to us all that we are the same human beings made up of the same flesh and blood. And here we all are.

A minute virus appears, and suddenly Palestinians and Israelis are working and cooperating together to keep each other healthy and safe. That is all it took! A creature you can only see through the lens of a microscope and now all realise how much they need each other.

Israel and Palestine are one tiny piece of land with the same mountains and valleys and the same history. It took a microscopic creature to open our eyes and senses. It will be difficult to close those eyes again. Things will definitely be brighter and better after this creature is long gone.

And... we’ll have more and even better things to show you then. Have a great day.


Find out more about JT Tours here.

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