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The Adventure Connection: Dispelling the myths!

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

We are occasionally asked by tour operators what The Adventure Connection actually does, how it can bring them benefit and at what cost? Time to dispel the myths and explain…

1. Relevant connections

We specialise in connecting the providers of adventure travel experiences throughout the world with relevant UK tour operators. Our aim is to create happy, long term partnerships between tour operators and DMCs or Tourism Boards.

Just think of us as a dating agency for the travel industry - or Tinder for Travel!

2. No cost to tour operators!

We offer a free of charge supplier introduction service for tour operators. We do not charge a fee for introducing you to one of our expert DMC clients, and they will not add a secret charge onto your tour costs. There really is no hidden catch! Our DMC clients pay us on a retainer basis, using our services as an investment in their future prosperity.

3. Hand-picked professional DMCs

We work with a wide range of hand-picked, professional DMCs. We are very picky about the DMCs we work with and have an extensive selection process. Our clients are spread far and wide across the globe but have one thing in common: they offer amazing travel experiences.

4. Best Practice Toolkit for DMCs

We have created a Best Practice Toolkit for DMCs which ensures our clients are fully equipped to service the needs of the UK market. We advise them on best practice for safety, service levels, public liability insurance, sustainability, crisis management, product development, costings...Then, we will introduce them to you!

5. Extensive network of contacts

The Adventure Connection is a small team with extensive travel industry and marketing experience. We have all either owned, managed and worked in travel companies over a period spanning over 35 years. Over time we have built up a worldwide network of exciting and professional travel contacts. If you can’t see what you're looking for, please get in contact. It's highly likely that we will know a reliable DMC in the destination you're researching.

And more ...

We also offer our services to tour operators for product planning and marketing, video production and more.

Don't just take our word for it!

"Working with the team at The Adventure Connection has been a huge help and feels like an extended branch to our own company. They very quickly understood the kind of suppliers that we're looking for and have continued to make incredible introductions to us to help grow our business". Brad Frankel, Founder, FLOOGLEBINDER

"I have been pleased to work with The Adventure Connection on a number of projects. Having somebody in the UK with a contacts book to put me in touch with key personnel in new suppliers and DMC’s that I haven’t worked with is invaluable, saves a lot of time, and makes sure that who we are talking to is the right “match” going forward. I am currently working with over five new contacts The Adventure Connection have made for me, and hope to be able to develop further fruitful relationships in the future as the industry continues to develop. I think The Adventure Connection with their portfolio is well placed to meet and exceed those demands.” Andy Austen, Product Manager, WEXAS TRAVEL If you're refreshing, expanding or developing your product portfolio we'd love to help you source the perfect DMC partner. Please contact us on

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